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Rollei Vario Chrome 135   -   36 exp

Rollei Vario Chrome 135 - 36 exp

Rollei Vario Chrome 135-36 is a versatile medium to high-speed color reversal film that is intended for photography under low-level daylight illumination.

Rollei Vario Chrome is DX-coded at 200/24° ISO, but it can be  exposed at effective speeds of 200/24° to 400/27° ISO without any adjustments in development.

Its image results are characterized by a fine-grained image structure and a good degree of sharpness in consideration of its sensitivity.

Its color reproduction is dependent on the daylight situation. It can vary from a warmish, vintage look to a neutral image tone.  Photographs taken in sunshine will show a warmer image look than photographs shot in semi-shade. Its color saturation can also be controlled by the film speed setting.

200 – 320 ISO: Lower saturation (preferable for scanning applications)
320 – 400 ISO: Higher saturation (preferable for slide projection)

10.50 EUR